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Testimonial - Adam Clooney

Where are you from?

Undergraduate Degree:
BSc Biomedical Science CIT/UCC

Why did you choose to undertake an MSc in Computational Biology?
My undergraduate degree was in Biomedical Science. This area in particular has experienced massive changes particularly in the area of high throughput culture independent diagnostics and automation. The MSc in Computational Biology offers the perfect mix of biology with computers to deal with this.

Did you find it difficult to transition to computing?
To be honest, this was my main concern. However, it proved to not be a problem at all. The Computing is started at ground level, it is very manageable and becomes very enjoyable as the pieces of Computing and Biology fit together.

Do you think the MSc in Computational Biology will improve your career prospects?
This is one of many reasons I undertook the MSc. in Computational Biology. The field of Biology is undergoing enormous changes and is transitioning to a point where the inclusion of computational aspects are a must. Not only does the MSc. provide you with a valuable postgraduate qualification, which is beneficial in competitive working environments, it also gives you computational biology skills that will become essential in the coming years.

What would you say to any student considering the MSc in Computational Biology?
A Masters in Computational Biology may appear to be a very big step away from your undergraduate degree. However it's is very appropriate for all fields of Biology and will be put you ahead of those with equal qualifications. It is said that this Century is the "Century of Biology" and it can easily be seen that Biology will heavily rely on computational methods. Undertaking the MSc. in Computational Biology is a decision you won't regret.