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Testimonial - Jurate Daugelaite

Where are you from?
I’m originally from Lithuania. I moved to Ireland when I was 14.

Undergraduate Degree:
BSc in Pharmaceutical Biology and a MSc degree in Computational Biology, CIT

PhD Research:
My research project is entitled “A cloud computing approach to developing rapid molecular based detection systems for bacterial pathogens of clinical significance”. It uses big data cloud computing techniques to scan and analyse large genomic data sets to identify gastroentritis causing pathogens.

Why did you choose this area and how is the project funded?
My MSc made me aware of the huge amount of genomic data being generated. Many future scientific discoveries will depend on the ability to analyse these vast data sets. I was awarded an Embark Initiative Scholarship from the Irish Research Council.

How did you hear of the Informatics@CIT research group originally and why did you decide to do a PhD here?
I heard about Informatics@CIT when studying for my MSc in Computational Biology. My PhD supervisors (Aisling O' Driscoll and Roy Sleator) taught me as part of that programme. I found their research really interesting, really enjoyed the interdisciplinary nature of the work and decided to talk to them to what options were available to me for further study.

How do you find student life in CIT?
There's a helpful and friendly team atmosphere. Even though I've only started I've made goods friends and it's helpful to be able to discuss any problems that you're having with your work with other people.

What advice would you give to students considering a research postgraduate programme with Informatics@CIT?
You need to work hard, particularly given the interdisciplinary nature of the work. It requires you to learn alot of new concepts but the rewards are amazing. You get a great sense of satisfaction and as the work is challenging you never get bored but you need to tenacious and not give up.