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MSc Computational Biology

This course is aimed at graduate students with a biological, computational or numerical background. The goal is to equip the student with the much desired interdisciplinary skillset necessary to avail of the increasing opportunities in the biotechnology sector.

Computational Biology is a fast-growing field that leverages Computer Science to solve complex Biological challenges. It applies in silico mechanisms, computational and statistical techniques and innovations in technology to solve questions arising from the management and analysis of often very large biological data sets.

The programme team are members of Informatics@CIT. Their cutting edge research feeds directly into the course curriculum to ensure that the student sees the latest trends in the fields of Biological and Computer Science such as metagenomics, cloud computing and data science.

The advantage of having involvement from active researchers in the field and their industrial partners means that the student leaves with the skills that are desirable to Industry and their future employers.

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