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Spin Outs

Informatics@CIT is always seeking ways to realise the market potential of its researched technology as it recognises the economic value of applied research and its contribution to the growth and development of a knowledge based economy.

To this end, Informatics@CIT has successfully spun-out a high potential start-up company, NSilico. 

NSilico – Software for LifeSciences

NSilico was established in 2010 and started trading in 2012. NSilico is at the vanguard of biotechnology with an innovative approach to research management. The companie's bioinformatics suite has been shown to reduce the research cycle for genomics projects by up to 80%.

Most recently Informatics@CIT collaborated with NSilico and the University of Edinburgh to successfully win €1.3 million in funding for a project on cloud-based molecular diagnostics and prognostics as part of the EU Marie Curie Industry Academic Partnership Pathways (IAPP) programme.