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Informatics@CIT provides all of its PhD students with two co-supervisors; bridging expertise from both Computing and Biology backgrounds. Students are part of a vibrant interdisciplinary team focused on a single research goal. 

Students are encouraged to become independent researchers, producing high quality research to meet with the highest of international standards. Quantity and quality of publications are paramount. Students will know how to identify a research topic, carry it through to completion and ultimately to become independant PIs in their own right.  

Research projects are undertaken at levels 8, 9 and 10.  PhD candidates enroll in a structured PhD programme (Ed4Life)

The Ed4Life Structured PhD aims to support PhD students to achieve the best possible experience of graduate research and training and to make a substantial and original contribution to knowledge through original research outputs. The Ed4Life Structured PhD provides world class training and supervision to PhD scholars and includes a number of innovative approaches to ensuring you achieve your academic, professional and personal objectives, providing you with the optimum preparation for your future career.

The Ed4Life programme is a collaborative project in the provision of postgraduate research education.  The three partner institutes are CIT, the Alimentary Probiotic Centre based in UCC and Teagasc Dairy Product Research Centre at Moorepark.

Jurate Daugelaite - PhD Student

BSc (Pharmaceutical Biology), MSc (Computational Biology)

 “Interdisciplinary informatics research has really broadened my horizons. I've gained insight into a whole new and emerging side of biology. It's very exciting. I’ve also made great friends along the way and am really enjoying my time as a postgrad”